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~ ONWARD ~ with Carolyn Herfurth
26 min2020 APR 4
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Pia Silva is an entrepreneur and speaker who helps entrepreneurs badass their brand and build a lucrative lifestyle business full of freedom.

When things went to sh*t in mid-March, this Forbes contributor and author of Badass Your Brand: The Impatient Entrepreneur’s Guide to Turning Expertise into Profit, went into panic mode...

...until she quickly realized that this isn't much different than the self-quarantines she's put her herself and her business through several times over the past 6 years (and come out on top.)  

In our conversation, Pia shares...

  • The conversation she had with her husband when making decisions about how they would approach business heading into the pandemic
  • Why she's doubled down on her commitments while other people are looking for ways out of their commitments
  • 3 mistakes to avoid right now
  • Her opinion on cutting expenses vs. bringing in more cash flow
  • How we can save small business
  • And why she believes NOW is the time to be buying and selling instead of holding onto your money