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Chasing Dreams with Jennifer Nickerson
25 min2020 SEP 22
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Corny Dogs and State Fairs


On the first episode of Chasing Dreams with Jennifer Nickerson, our two guests are part of Texas tradition. Rusty Fitzgerald is the Vice President of Operations at the State Fair of Texas, and Amber Fletcher is Head of Marketing at Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs. What does a day in their shoes look like? How did they get to where they are? And what advice do they have for someone who wants to chase a dream like theirs? Watch the show on Youtube https://youtu.be/sWZ8zvZs5d0 Find upcoming events for the State Fair of Texas at https://bigtex.com/ And for Fletcher's Original Corny Dogs at https://fletcherscornydogs.com/ Music by Jennifer Nickerson http://jennifernickerson.com/ Song: Chasing Dreams Album: Girl Next Door