The Human Mind Project
29min2016 NOV 23
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The Human Mind Project and Being Human

Creativity and the Mind

Opening remarks
Mattia Gallotti
(The Human Mind Project)

Margaret Boden
(University of Sussex)

Creativity means innovation and positive change, the inventing of new worlds out of sparks of genius. A creative mind is a mind that generates ideas and solutions likely to make a breakthrough at the societal level. Creative activity evokes chaos and order, allowing us to establish new paths and patterns. What is the creative mind? Is creativity a feature of our attitude towards things, attentive, and open? How does the psychical, social and cultural environment enable creative activity, and how can the environment be structured to enhance it? Is creative agency, and intelligence, a prerogative of the individual?

Get inspired by leading experts at this one day Being Human festival event with The Human Mind Project and Guerilla Science. Hear from creative practitioners and scholars and flex your own creative muscles through a series of creative challenges and discussions that aim to turn new ideas in to reality.