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Wisdom In The Word Bible Studies
42 min2020 MAR 7
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Daniel: God Answers Daniel's Profound Prayer to Understand His Will For The Future


We continue in chapter 9, parsing Daniel's writings and the deep prophecies of world rule until our time now, the end of the age. 

The main point of this piece is using Daniel as a prime example of the most effective way of drawing close to God in prayer. We learn from his example, that the righteous and humble, fervent, from-the-heart prayer does avail much! We'll see the result of prayer that is weighted with evidence that we are fully aware of the God to Whom we are speaking, the great, one and only true God. Daniel prays from the standpoint that prayer is willful submission and worship of the One and only God, the One who only can answer prayer.

It becomes even more clear as we enter chapter 9 that we - you who are reading this now - are the only generation to have the ability to fully understand the book of Daniel's (and Revelation's) deepest and most mysterious secrets, now revealed to us - as part of this terminal generation!

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