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Kitchen Island Commentators
49 min2020 MAY 18
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David Coleman and Brian Moore (by Miles Harrison)


In the FA Cup Final of 1973 second-division Sunderland beat the formidable reigning champions Leeds United in all-time classic, 1-0.

One of the many millions watching that match from home was Miles Harrison, aged 7,  and the impression the match had - as well as the broadcasting of it by both David Coleman on the BBC and Brian Moore on ITV - has never left him.

Now as Sky Sports' lead rugby union commentator, Miles joins Jack Zorab and Olly Hogben to review the commentary of Coleman and Moore and how they called one of the most dramatic finals in British footballing history.

Join the debate as we go down memory lane to discuss:

- Why a David Coleman-introduction stands the test of time. 

- What role a Soviet gymnast played in the Cup Final coverage.

- Whether anyone loved a goal more than Brian Moore.

- Just how good THAT save was by goalkeeper Jimmy Montgomery. 

- The cult hero status of Sunderland manager Bob Stokoe.

- And whether Miles can pick a winner between Coleman and Moore's performances behind the mic that day.