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Recruiting Future with Matt Alder
20 minMAR 24
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Diversity Hiring


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are critically important. However, despite much discussion and debate, many employers are still failing to improve their hiring diversity. Those employers that are moving the needle are those that have actionable strategies and leadership accountability. My guest this week is Rachel Hirsch, who is a Recruiter at Frame.io. Frame.io have a genuine focus on diversity equity and inclusion and have tangible results to show for it. In our conversation, Rachel shares the strategy and identifies the key elements that have driven their success. In the interview, we discuss: The key recruiting challenges at Frame.io How unconscious bias affects diversity in sales leadership Narrowing requirements to the things that matter most The complications of the pandemic Building trust with candidates The critical importance of allyship and leadership accountability The results have Frame.io seen from its strategy What does the future look like Listen to this podcast in Apple Podcasts.