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Health Matters with Rosie Bank
21 min2018 MAR 15
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Eat Your Veggies – Podcast #16


#16 Eat Your Veggies

Have you heard the term plant based diet? It is among the most popular themes currently running in the nutrition/wellness/weight management/disease prevention arena. Surely you hear experts recommending that you eat your veggies.
Some trends come and go. There is something about the emphasis on eating fruits and veggies plus nuts and seeds to enhance your health that has lasting, timeless relevance. This is not a fad.
In this episode, I will walk you through making a transition toward a plant based diet. Sharing with you my own journey moving toward veganism, even without being 100% at this point, may help you find your path. What is unique about dietary decisions is that yours will be unique from someone else’s and that is how it should be. Finding what works for you is what the journey is.

In this episode of Health Matters Podcast, I explain three benefits for you to eat more and mostly plants. They are:

You will be crowding out lower-nutrient food with higher-nutrient food such as fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds.
As you dial back junk food and include more whole food, there will most likely be a positive bump in the function of your body. (I call this a WOW)
You will be lowering the toxic load to your body which supports digestion and elimination.

In this episode, I will also be discussing  five tips on this new approach to eating more plants. They are:

Consider your food selections as a journey rather than a destination.
A hybrid approach is perfectly reasonable and perhaps more doable for those of you who do not want to or are not ready to give up eating meat and other animal products.
Keep it super simple.
Learn to overcome myths and misperceptions.
Start experimenting.

To support you in getting the most from this episode, I have prepared a download to inspire you to get those veggies cooking in your own kitchen – called "Cooking With Veggies". Click on the button to get it.

My goal is to inspire you get started with some confidence and excitement. Once you have your own experience about how good healthy tastes, you may never want to get off this new path.

I’m excited for you to start your journey to eating food that pays you back with vibrant, optimal health.  Listen in here.

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