Subconscious Reprogramming
58min2022 APR 27
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Episode 20 of the Emotional Fitness Series from April 27th 2020 - Show Notes with time stamps, below... ***Emotional Fitness is even MORE important than physical fitness (especially at this time) - because it affects physical fitness (along with everything else ). It's FREE, it's FAST, and it's POWERFUL! :) (please feel free to share this with those you feel may benefit). Check out the first 7 sessions to learn how to use the Superpower Technique - along with how and why it works. NEW Book Now Available: CHANGE WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU: How to Use Neuroscience to Get the Life You Want by Changing Your Negative Childhood Memories - Available everywhere books are sold. Universal Link for eBook and Paperback: available through Audible and Amazon. SHOW NOTES: 0:40 – Opening Superpower exercise 2:58 – Homework exercise 4:09 – Odille update on missing person story 5:30 – Discussion about trying to be happy 9:39 – Katrina shares her experience of e...

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