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Level Design Podcast
48 minMAR 8
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Engineers are fleeing the industry at record numbers


Engineers are fleeing the industry at record numbers, unhappy with the status quo...so what? Why should we, and everyone else care? The bulk of human convenience relies on the intellect of the A&E community. But there’s a gap. A gap between the unique genius that goes into our infrastructure by A&E professionals, and the general public. In this fascinating episode, join hosts Scott Zurn and Murray McBride as they discuss why this is happening and what we’re doing about it. They discuss... how design professionals can thrive outside of the traditional corporate model character qualities needed to succeed as an entrepreneurial A&E professional the three founding articles of LDPI as a for-benefit company environmental impacts of our throw-away culture how we can create prosperity for design professionals, the industry, and the world. Sign up for our exclusive email newsletter to stay up to date on new episodes and opportunities. leveldesignpartners.com/podcast/