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52 Reasons Podcast
22min2017 MAY 21
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In this week's episode, we chat with Diana and Piper from Scholar Match. Founded in 2010 by author, Dave Eggers, the Scholar Match model champions low-income and first-generation students in the three critical areas: navigating the college admissions process, paying for school, and creating a support system in college. ScholarMatch is the only major nonprofit that combines a crowdfunded scholarship platform with game-changing college access and career support for low-income youth. Their typical student comes from a family earning less than $25,000 per year and attends a high school with just one counselor per 500-800 students. Learn more at 52reasons.org.

52 Reasons is focused on creating positive change in our neighborhoods and across the country. To learn more about the topics in this episode and how you can get involved, visit 52reasons.org.