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The Deconstructionists
97 min2020 SEP 3
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Ep. 106 - Jon Steingard "How to Deconstruct in the Christian music industry"


Guest Info/BIo:
This week I have a really fun conversation with Jon Steingard. Jon is a Canadian musician who is the lead vocalist/guitarist of the band Hawk Nelson. Jon currently works as a director and filmmaker.

Guest Links:
Twitter: @jonsteingard
Instagram: @jonsteingard
Facebook: @jonsteingard

Special Music By:
Hawk Nelson
Instagram: @hawknelson
Twitter: @hawknelson
Facebook: @Hawknelson

Enjoy the music?
Songs heard on this episode were: “Drops in the Ocean” from the album, Diamonds; “No Such Thing, Crooked Lines, and Never Let You Down” from the album, Miracles

You can find Hawk Nelson’s music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere good music is sold!

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