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The Deconstructionists
67 min2020 NOV 16
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Ep. 111 - David Zach "Human Trafficking pt. 1"


Guest Info/Bio: This week I welcome David Zach. David Zach is the lead singer and songwriter for the rock band Remedy Drive as well as an advocate in the fight against human trafficking.ÂThe band has recorded two concept albums to shine a light on slavery and to celebrate the modern day abolition.ÂThe band's community and fan base has contributed around $350,000 in donations and in-kind donationsÂtoÂthe counter trafficking organization The Exodus Road. When the band is not on tour David volunteers with The Exodus Road as an undercover operative.ÂHe spends timeÂinÂbrothels and in the red-light districts where underage girls and boys are sold by the hour.ÂHis role while undercover is to identify instances of minors being sold, and to capture actionable evidence of their trafficking using covert gear, some of which is funded by the Remedy Drive community and fan base. Upon returning from deployment overseas David uses the band and his platform to advocate for the victims of human trafficking, to shine a light on slavery and to speak about his time overseas with the goal of recruiting and funding the fight which is the modern underground railroad.ÂHe has spoken at many of the major festivals during talkback sessions, main stages and seminar tents.ÂHe also speaks at colleges, conferences, high school campuses and churches.ÂDavid's message centers upon a core belief of both Remedy Drive and The Exodus Road - "Justice is in the hands of the ordinary". To hear about raids/rescues and everything going on the front lines text âremedyâ to 51555. Guest/Music Links: www.remedydrive.com ( http://www.remedydrive.com ) Twitter: @remedydrive Instagram: @remedydrive Facebook: @remedydrive https://pages.theexodusroad.com Twitter: @theexodusroad Instagram: @theexodusroad Facebook: @theexodusroad Enjoy the music? Songs heard on this episode were: âSunlight on Her Faceâ from the album, The North Star. âCommodity, Under the Starlight, and Take Coverâ from the album, Commodity. You can find Remedy Driveâs music on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, or anywhere good music is sold! This episode of the Deconstructionists Podcast was edited by John Williamson and mixed and produced by Nicholas Rowe at National Audio Preservation Society: A full service recording studio and creative habitat, located in Heath, Ohio. Find them on Facebook and Twitter or visit their website for more information: www.nationalaudiopreservationsociety.weebly.com ( http://www.nationalaudiopreservationsociety.weebly.com ) Stay on top of all of the latest at www.thedeconstructionists.com ( http://www.thedeconstructionists.com ) Go there to check out our blog, snag a t-shirt, or follow us on social media Join our Patreon family here: www.patreon.com/deconstructionists ( http://www.patreon.com/deconstructionists ) Website by Ryan Battles All photos by Jared Hevron Logos designed by Joseph Ernst & Stephen Pfluig T-shirt designs by Joseph Ernst, Chad Flannigan, Colin Rigsby, and Jason Turner. Advertising Inquiries: https://redcircle.com/brands Privacy & Opt-Out: https://redcircle.com/privacy