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Travelling Inside Out
16 minMAR 29
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Ep. 124 - Formula 1 | She Watches


Today's episode is something completely different from what you are used to but something close to my heart. I am starting today another mini-series on my podcast, She Watches. I will expand on what are my favourite sports, movies, tv shows and so on. And since F1 is back, I had to start with the glorious racing event. . It was the late-90s when I got into liking Formula 1. Watching every race for almost 15 years or even more not only brought me joy because I mean it's F1 racing!, but also because I acknowledged all these countries as little as they were shown. I mean back then the idea of me affording to travel was something close to impossible, little I knew later in life I would actually watch a race live. But that's another story. And for the longest time, I had very few friends to share my passion with, mainly because I felt out of place not knowing more about cars and engines and ish. I was never into cars, clearly since I got my driving license one year and a half ago. I just loved the racing. . For those curious about what I mentioned in the episode, this is the blog I was talking about: https://justvave.wordpress.com/category/sport/ --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/travellinginsideout/message