The Good Financial Cents Show w/ Jeff Rose, CFP®
27min2022 APR 23
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You have hit a crucial investing milestone. Congratulations!! You have $10,000 and you want to invest - but where? What? There are so many options. Don’t worry, I’ve got you - with 17 different investment ideas. 03:48 High interest/high yield savings account 04:59 Auto-pilot investing 06:52 Real estate 09:22 Dividend paying stocks 11:33 Cryptocurrency 13:13 Investing in home renovations 16:42 Coaching program 14:41 Your credentials 18:19 Get a license (real estate or life insurance) 18:33 Get a degree 18:49 Online Courses 20:58 Start a business 20:58 Open a Franchise 21:50 Start a podcast 21:50 Start a blog 22:22 Reselling on Amazon FBA 23:36 Pay off debt Resources: How to Invest in Dividend Stocks Check out my YouTube channel here. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

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