Daily Wisdom - Walking The Path with The Buddha
2h 16min2022 APR 25
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(Pali Canon Study Group) - The Foremost Householder - Volume 8 - (Chapter 11-20) Explore The Teachings of The Fully Perfectly Enlightened Buddha through "The Words of The Buddha" Book Series in the Pali Canon in English Study Group. To learn more about this program, visit this link: https://bit.ly/PaliCanonStudyGroup Using The Words of The Buddha book series, this program is offered to guide you in learning and practicing The Teachings of The Buddha on The Path to Enlightenment. You can access The Words of The Buddha Books Series using this link. https://www.buddhadailywisdom.com/freebuddhabooks In this Podcast, David will guide you in understanding the Pali Canon in English through The Words of The Buddha which will help you to learn, reflect, and practice The Teachings of Gotama Buddha on The Path to Enlightenment. ——- Daily Wisdom - WalkingThe Path with The Buddha Dedicated to the educationof Gotama Buddha'steachings to attainEnlightenment. https://www.BuddhaDailyWisdom.com (See our website for onlinelearning, courses, andretreats.) Group Learning Program -LIVE Interactive OnlineClasses, Book,Audiobook, Videos,Podcast and PersonalGuidance https://bit.ly/GroupLearningProgram The Words of The Buddha- Pali Canon in EnglishStudy Group https://bit.ly/PaliCanonStudyGroup FREE Book - Developing aLife Practice: The PathThat Leads toEnlightenment https://www.buddhadailywisdom.com/freebuddhabooks Facebook:https://bit.ly/DailyWisdom-Facebook YouTube:https://bit.ly/DailyWisdom-Youtube Podcast:https://bit.ly/DailyWisdom-Podcast Support our efforts toshare The Teachings ofGotama Buddha with youand worldwide for allpeople using this link. https://www.buddhadailywisdom.com/supportbuddha

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