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40min2022 APR 22
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One of our foundational beliefs at Sorta Awesome is that strive to be awesome to ourselves so that we can be awesome to the world around us. This week’s guest has a story that shows just how true that is! Meg sat down with Arkansas Lt. Governor candidate Kelly Krout to talk about how her family’s story led her to a passion for advocating for children, and from that passion, she’s looking to make change in a civic capacity. Tune in to hear how Kelly blends family life with life on the campaign trail, what her kids and husband really think about her being in politics, and how her viral TikTok is helping her make a name with voters! Want to join Meg and Rebekah in the 22 Tropes in 2022 Romance Reading Challenge?! Come join the Super Star Awesomes and get the reading challenge plus hundreds of hours of ad-free episodes you can binge-listen to right now. PLUS! Get full access to texting privileges with Meg and the Sorta Awesome team! THANK YOU TO OUR SPONSORS: Headspace: Go to headspa...

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