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A New Perspective
1h 31min2020 FEB 25
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Maybe you've been on your own healing journey for awhile now. Or maybe you think it's all a bunch of baloney. Whichever side of the coin you fall on (or anywhere in between), Bahar's story of learning how to love herself, heal her past traumas, and change her behaviors (and life) for the better is sure to inspire you to look for areas of your own life that could be improved.
In their pre-spectives, Amber & Justin talk about how self-love was deemed unimportant, selfish, or a bunch of nonsense while they were growing up. Then Bahar shares her story, and in the New Perspective segment, they discuss their own self-love journeys and how one of the hardest challenges when you first get started is the people you start to lose.
If you're interested in learning more from Bahar or hiring her as your self-love coach, head to www.GeniusBahar.com or follow her on IG @GeniusBahar.
She also has an Inner Child Workshop coming up on Sunday, March 1st & a CBD + Full Moon Reiki Sound Bath on Sunday, March 8th. You can sign up or learn more at www.GeniusBahar.com/events!
0:00:00 - Preview/Intro
0:02:47 - Hello & Welcome / Episode Itinerary
0:05:30 - Amber & Justin's Pre-spectives on Self-Love & Self-Healing
0:19:25 - Interview with Golebahar Tabatabai about her self-love & healing journey, becoming a Reiki Master, & more!
1:06:43 - A New Perspective!
1:19:39 - Millennial Scholar
The Effect of Reiki on Pain
The Effects of Reiki on Pain, Anxiety, & Blood Pressure in Patients Undergoing Knee Replacement: A Pilot Study
Reiki Ryoho: A Manual of Shoden & Okuden Reiki
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