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2h 32min2022 JUL 18
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In this episode we learn that the Nissan Titan is reportedly DEAD. We talk about the miraculous R33 GT-R whose driver walked away after rolling 11 times, and we we speak with Chris Karl and Robby Atchison about ZCON 2022, happening July 25th-30th in Birmingham, Alabama! Hosted by Mike DeLashmutt and Miles Hall Produced by Mike DeLashmutt Intro: 'Highscore' by Teminite & Panda Eyes Email us at Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Reference Articles: The Titan is reportedly DEAD: R33 GT-R Accident: 2020-2022 Titan & Frontier RECALL: Stranger Things Actor a Z32 Driver?: Nissan Q2 2022 Sales Report: Bosch $3B Investment toward semi-conductors: New Z Dealer Allocation Leak: Super GT: Formula E: Sentra Cup: Freddie Hunt at Sentra Cup: ZCON 2022: VOLUNTEER @ ZCON 2022:

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