Women in Data Podcast
28min2022 APR 28
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This week, Karen is joined by Susan Walsh, The Classification Guru. In a field that gets excited by buzzwords, Susan used her sparkling personality to increase her visibility and make data cleansing fun. In this episode, she talks about how being authentic and visible helped her grow her business, along with the impact it has on the upcoming generation of data professionals. An extrovert by nature, she recognises that increasing visibility comes as a challenge to introverts and provides tips for them to do so without feeling uncomfortable. You will hear about how she keeps her content authentic despite the fear of judgment and negative experiences, as well as how the shift to in-house data analytics made organisations more aware of the challenges related to data quality, providing her with a space to start a business in the field. Enjoy! *********************** Show notes: *********************** Susan's LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/susanewalsh/

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