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Guitar Music Theory
38 minFEB 5
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Ep82 Down Under | How Does This Song Work?


In this free guitar lesson, I have another installment of How Does This Song Work? featuring “Down Under” by Men at Work. This reggae-inspired song features great rhythm guitar tracks that make use of CAGED system chord shapes, sixteenth note strumming, and hybrid picking technique. Instead of using guitar tablature, I just show you the main chords and parts of the song and explain the music theory. What do you SPECIFICALLY need to do in order to play guitar better? Visit https://GuitarMusicTheory.com - answer the questions about your playing and get FREE custom video instruction calibrated to your current level. #menatwork #downunder #downunderchords GEAR Bluesman Vintage Guitars Sedan (Stratocaster-style guitar) Top Jimi '68 Sup Ld Pack for the Kemper Profiling Amplifier