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60 min2018 MAR 5
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Episode 09 - Impossible Mission


MISSION: INFILTRATE THE UNDERGROUND LAIR OF PROFESSOR ELVIN ATOMBENDER LOCATED IN THE MOUNTAIN RANGES OF [REDACTED], LOCATE THE ENTRY PASSCODE TO HIS CONTROL CENTER, AND STOP THE NUCLEAR LAUNCH...The world is in peril, but the Agents of D.O.K.I. are on the case! Operatives Brandon, Brian, Frank, and Joseph have joined forces once again to deliver a Grade-A, double-0 podcast chock full of espionage and adventure! This time around, they’re talking about the originator of the rogue-like genre — the spy-tastic C64 title Impossible Mission. So gather up your gadgets, slip on that bulletproof tux, and prepare yourself for an episode of unparallel action, excitement, and intrigue!