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27 minJAN 15
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Episode 103 - How to use Pinterest to market your business


How to use Pinterest to market a service business


If I told you that there is a marketing tool out there that gives you free access to over 400 million users a month, you’d sign up straight away, right? Well, drum roll… there is – Pinterest.


I know Pinterest may be at the bottom of the social media marketing pile for many of you, but there are lots of very good reasons why you should take another look at Pinterest to market your services this year.


The first thing to understand is that Pinterest isn’t actually a social media platform – it is a search engine. That means it has the potential to drive huge numbers of potential new clients to your website every single day. And, because this isn’t social media, you don’t even have to interact with any of them!


In this podcast, Pinterest coach Jen Stanbrook explains how she regularly used Pinterest to drive up to 150,000 new people to her website every month. Listen now for her tips on how to create the right Pin design and messaging to market your service and why you need to make Pinterest part of your marketing strategy for 2021…


What we discuss:


  • Why Pinterest works so well for a service-based business
  • How to drive new clients to your website using Pinterest
  • The best way to get people to click on your Pins
  • The Pin to Purchase journey – how to instantly tell customers what you can offer them and what you want them to do
  • How to make Pinterest part of your marketing strategy alongside your other marketing tools


What you will learn:


  • How to create an eye-catching Pin that will get you noticed
  • Tips on getting the right Pin messaging to talk to your ideal customer
  • How to Pin with confidence to market your services
  • Tips on creating and repurposing content to post Pins with consistency



More about Jan

Jen Stanbrook is the UK’s leading Pinterest Marketing Strategist and founder of The Pinning Club, helping female creatives drastically increase their website traffic to grow and scale their business for great confidence, focus and financial security.

Where to find Jan

For more help and inspiration, free downloads, and useful blogs about how to use Pinterest to market your services or products, connect with Jen at:



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