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43 minJAN 22
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Episode 104 - How to get started on Clubhouse - Rebecca Ward


Welcome to the Clubhouse!

There’s a new social media app taking the marketing world by storm and you need to be on it…


If you like to be a follower of new trends, then get yourself invited onto 2021’s hottest new social media app, Clubhouse!


Like any private members’ club, once you’re in, you can get access to some big industry names. Whether that’s celebrities, top CEOs or influential marketing gurus, with Clubhouse, you’ll be closer to the action than you’ve ever been.


That’s why you need to get started on Clubhouse now. It’s a fantastic way to build relationships, learn from big names and engage personally with people you wouldn’t normally be able to get close to.


In this podcast, I talk to Social Media Consultant, Rebecca Ward of Think Social, Be Social, about her experiences of Clubhouse. She explains the benefits of the app and how it can help you move your business forward.


Listen now as she shares her tips on how to get started on Clubhouse. Here’s what you need to know:


  • It’s audio-only – no need for cameras, lighting or high-tech equipment
  • It’s invite-only – Rebecca explains how to go about securing your membership
  • It gives you a voice – it’s the platform where everybody gets to have their say
  • There’s an etiquette – we show you how to engage in the right way
  • It’s all about organic growth – authentic, meaningful conversations are what make Clubhouse work
  • It’s going to be the biggest thing this year – trust us!


If you’re curious and want to find out more, get in touch with me, Alison Teare at alison@simply-marketing.com or visit Rebecca’s website at thinksocialbesocial.com

Or if you’re already a member, search for us on Clubhouse!



More about Rebecca

Rebecca Ward definitely puts the social in to social media.  A social media manager and consultant, whose business is aptly named thinkSOCIALbeSOCIAL. Rebecca is passionate about showing the person behind the business, building relationships, supporting and collaborating with others.


Where to find Rebecca


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