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Episode 109 - Could you add a membership to your business


Could you add a membership to your business?


When we talk about adding a  membership, what do you think of? The obvious ones are gym memberships, but chances are you are already in several memberships without even realising it – Netflix, Amazon Prime, these are membership models that rely on monthly payments from their audiences.


Whether it’s a wine club, fresh food box delivery scheme, personal training classes or beauty boxes, there are not many sectors now where you couldn’t provide a membership element to your business.


In today’s podcast, I’m going to show you why adding a membership to your business could be the right decision for you. Listen to the stories of three business owners who work in a variety of fields and who have added memberships to their businesses to increase their revenue.


You’ll discover that adding a membership to your business is something that can grow organically. You will also learn what elements need to be in place before you begin. Most of all, we'll discuss how to make your membership profitable.



Why a membership might be right for you:


  • Allows you to form a community of interested customers
  • Helps you to work with clients in a more structured and measured way
  • Brings you recurring income alongside your usual business income



Top tips to starting a membership:


  • Listen to what your audience wants
  • Work out the financials first
  • Let the membership develop organically
  • Keep content simple and uncomplicated


Discover more ideas and tips about how to add a membership to your business in today’s podcast. If you have any more questions about adding a membership to your business and how to make money from a membership, take a listen to the following Simply Marketing Podcasts:


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