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42 minMAR 5
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Episode 110 - Getting to grips with Facebook advertising with Liz Melville


Getting to grips with Facebook Advertising


There are two words in social media marketing that can strike fear into the hearts of any online business owner – Facebook Ads! Whether it’s a fear of losing money, a lack of understanding or a hatred of numbers, Facebook advertising can often seem too daunting or too challenging for many of us to get our heads round. If this is you, then listen to today’s podcast when I talk to Facebook Ads strategist Liz Melville about how to get to grips with your own Facebook Advertising.


Liz takes us through how to set up Facebook ads and most crucially, what to look for with your ads – how do you know if a Facebook ad is effective or not? By taking control of your Facebook marketing, you can put yourself in the driving seat and start to control your advertising spend. You will learn when to put more money into ads that are working and when to shut off those that aren’t. And the long-term benefits are huge ­– greater impact online, wild visibility and increasing engagement with audiences who want to buy your products or services.


Can you afford not to listen to today’s show? Join me now to find out!


What we discuss:


  • Know your objective – start with the end in mind
  • Understanding the ACT method of 3-ad advertising
  • How not to lose money – get your marketing funnel right
  • How to see Facebook advertising as an investment



What you will learn:


  • How to set up Facebook ads
  • Getting to grips with ads manager
  • Knowing your click through rate from your cost per result
  • 3 numbers that will tell you if your Facebook ads are working



Where to find Liz

If you want to know more about how to get started with Facebook advertising, you can connect with Liz at the following places:



More about Liz

Liz Melville is a highly regarded Facebook Ads Strategist, with over 10 years experience in promoting brands and businesses online.

She teaches and coaches online course creators and personal brands how to ditch the drama of Facebook ads, and scale their impact and growth through her trusted signature ad strategies.

She also personally manages tens of thousands of dollars of Facebook ad spend each month for her VIP clients, who include some of the biggest names in the online space.
And when she’s not doing that, you’ll find her paddleboarding in the middle of a Scottish loch, chomping chocolate, or chilling at home with her hubby, son, crazy cat and gorgeous Labrador.



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