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44 minMAR 12
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Episode 111 - How to detox your diary and make more time with Paul Holbrook


How to detox your diary and make more time How often do you wish you had more time? If only you had more hours in the day you could finally cross off that to-do list, start that new website project, organise your admin. But here’s the thing – spoiler alert – it’s not about creating more time, it’s about managing your time! In today’s Simply Marketing show, I speak to time management rebel, Paul Holbrook, who has codified time to make it easier for you to plan your hours. He has created a 5-step method – The Diary Detox – that will revolutionise your time management. By using a simple system of colours, you’ll be able to see at a glance what’s taking up space in your diary. You’ll see where you waste time and where you can allocate your time more efficiently. It’s super simple but it’s life-changing. Listen to today’s show and find out how you can claim back up to one day a week, just by detoxing your diary! You need to detox your diary if you: Find you’re spending time on stuff you don’t need to Your to-do list is never getting any shorter You don’t have time to market your business or manage your staff You never think about what you’re putting in your diary You often find yourself saying ‘I just don’t have time!’ What you will learn: How to focus and plan your time productively How to colour code your time according to its usefulness How to stop giving away your time without thinking Being clear about your purpose and how to get there 5 steps to putting the Diary Detox into practice Where to find Paul If you want to know more about how to manage your time more effectively , you can connect with Paul at the following places: Website: https://diarydetox.com Paul's book ‘What Are You Doing? The uncomfortable truth about how you WASTE time at work’, more information about which can be found athttps://diarydetox.com/book Email at paul@detoxdiary.com More about Paul Paul Holbrook is the 'Time Management Rebel', author and creator of the Diary Detox. After 20 years managing rapid technology change in the City of London, he decided he'd had enough of standing by, watching the toxic effects of people's diaries on themselves and those around them. His personal mission is to create a world of better-led people. For more marketing tips and ideas, take a look at my FREE resource: 101 Online Marketing Activities Guide. With over 90% of the content applicable for people selling services, it’s essential reading! Download it at alisonteare.com/101 Or join my Facebook Group and speak to me and other members direct. Search Simply Marketing / Market your business online To dive deeper into the marketing techniques you need to become a successful solopreneur, join my Membership Group – twice a year I run a marketing course specifically designed for people who are ready to market their own business and who need a helping hand to reach their marketing goals. For more marketing tips and advice on how to grow your business, get in touch with me at alison@simply-marketing.net, or visit alisonteare.com for downloadable resources and marketing workshops and courses. If you enjoyed listening it would be great if you could leave a review to help other people find us - Thank you Also ...Join me in the Simply Marketing and Social Media Facebook Group by clickingHERE FREE Resources 5 Steps to making more money as a solopreneur To make more money as a solopreneur you have to be extremely purposeful about your marketing -Join me for this free training and learn how to make a start getting the basics right. https://www.alisonteare.com/5-steps-to-making-more-money FREE - 5 Day Marketing Challenge If you want to BOOST your marketing and your confidence - Join me for the 5 Day Marketing Challenge -HERE https://www.alisonteare.com/challenge Work with me Book a Free Marketing Clarity Call-HERE Everyone feels overwhelmed by theirmarketing at...