These Are My People
23min2017 OCT 18
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“Whoever’s within earshot are my people - that’s my curatorial sense for a world of music and experience - I want everybody to understand. Music is universal and that’s what I’m dedicating my life to. Every culture has their own take on it. It’s infinite, you’ll never hear it all. It’s everywhere. It’s like church to me. I want everybody to come in.” -Larry Mizell, Jr.

In this TAMP episode, Mizell Jr. talks with poet Colin Walker about his unexpected career in the arts, why he loves what he does, and how he’s built his audience by following his passion for music and community.

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Note: During the time of this interview, Mizell hosted Street Sounds, the weekly hip-hop show on KEXP. He wrote the column My Philosophy for the Stranger and was in local Seattle bands like Cancer Rising and Don't Talk To the Cops. He has since moved to Los Angeles.