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30min2019 JAN 29
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Episode #015 In this episode, Tim shares a very personal of how his extended family is littered with suicide and broken down relationships due to demons of the past being handed down through generations. Tim explains how he overcame the demons in his immediate family and discusses the wider picture of how this generation needs to step up to our demons by having conversations and taking responsibility. Mental health among young people is at an all-time low. Tim & Doug try to trace why so many people can relate to having being passed on the demons of their parents and present a fascinating theory of how what it meant to be a man was very different in previous generations and this has had a long lasting effect that is taking its toll on the young people of this generation. Central to not wanting to share demons with those closest to us seems to be the old attitude and wiring we have of not to air our dirty laundry, always put on a brave face and the perception that things are great. This has been our instinct for many generations and continues to be so if you look at things like social media where we continue to share our highlights and positivity in a somewhat false and insecure manner. Tim shares an experiment he put into action of trying to connect with everybody he came into contact with and how amazed he was at how much it put people on edge. Tim & Doug explain how they have helped so many men face their demons, because we are wired to fear our demons and ignore them it’s often easier for people to do nothing about it but the truth is that the demons are never as bad as they seem and the answer lies in communicating and asking for help. How suppressed demons can destroy relationships, business, friendships and lives of the next generation. How to start being honest with yourself and building the strength to share with others. Understanding how we all have demons inside of us. How bad we have become at communicating properly. Why so many of us are disconnected and driven by fear. The real way we should be facing our demons. The easiest way to face your demons. ————- Hungry for more? Head over to ourBONUSpage for special access to some of the deeper tactics and techniques we’ve developed at The Powerful Man.

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