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1,000 Ways to Say the Same Thing
89 min2019 SEP 23
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Episode 28: Working out our CORE VALUES: Feat. Abdul Al-Rashed


Hello! The 1,000 Ways Podcast is back after taking about a month off! Today, I speak with my good friend, my brother, one of my mentors Abdul. The man who taught me the Compound Method. The man who got me into podcasting. The man with a plan.

Abdul was the very first person that I met when I first went to Coach B's gym, and unbeknownst to me he would soon become one of my very best friends. He has helped teach me the power of GRATITUDE, and CORE VALUES.

It has been a very stressful, and eventful month. With competition, training, the daily grind. But we perservere, and come back better! Thank you for sticking around, and for any new listeners: WELCOME!

Throughout the rest of 2019, things will get BIG. Things will get EXCITING. Things will get more ________. FILL IT IN.

Any questions? Want to talk?
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