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Custodians Podcast
22 min2018 JUL 17
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Episode 3: The Stories We Tell Ourselves


In this episode I talk about:

•Life in Italy and an unexpected zucchini recipe from Ferdinando the pharmacist.

•Where the stories that we tell ourselves come from.

•How these stories inform our beliefs, behaviours and actions.

•What Darwin really meant when he said ‘survival of the fittest’.

•What a ‘new story’ might include.

•And good news for biodiversity and the people of Madrid.

Your Host – Vincent McMahon

Originally from Ireland, Vincent McMahon is Co-founder of The Istituto dei Custodi dei Bio Nessi (The Institute of Custodians of BioConnections) in southern Italy. He has over 30 years business experience in health care, strategy and IT. And has lectured on Information Systems and Quantum Consciousness in Ireland, the UK, France and Australia. He is also an ambassador for the Winam Eragayam tribe of the West Papuan Highlands. Vincent has studied with a mystic in Peru, sat with Buddhist monks in a monastery in Mongolia and listened in awe to a quantum physicist describing the Universe in terms similar to the shamans he had met on his travels.

He is also the author of Custodians, The Solution for an Earth in Crisis: Science, Indigenous Wisdom, the Natural World and You.