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Super Cereal Podcast
44 min2016 DEC 22
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Episode 34 - Holiday Cereals


Paul and Nick sleigh through this year's holiday cereals, laughing so much our bellies are like bowls full of jelly. We're jolly, not fat! It's the last episode of the year, folks! Smell you later, 2016! Topics include:

A Lot of Time Not Talking About Cereal;
A Festive Bunch with a Festive Crunch;
Columbus Day Crunch;
Brand Standards Sleeping Aids;
Trapper Cap'n;
Jim Has a Set Tonight;
Holiday Krispies Ennui;
Sugar Cookie Cereal R and D;
Star Crunch Needs a Little Somethin' Somethin';
Cinnamon Toast Nog;
Dang It, Jim!;
Cereal for the Maccabees;
Quakers are Ruthless;
Is Tom Hanks on the Box?;
Nick Finally Gets Paul;