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Super Cereal Podcast
37 min2017 JAN 30
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Episode 36 - Cereals That Do Good


Paul and Nick roll up their sleeves for Cereals that Do Good, brands that donate to charity or do good works for the community. If you're looking for a way to contribute with your dollar (and your cereal craving) these might be good places to start. Topics include:

Paul and Nick Pat Themselves on the Back;
Box Tops for Education and Box Murder;
Camel and Dog Beach Party (No Cowboys Allowed);
Kellogg's Assume Other People's Charity;
The New Suburban Dump;
How the Childless Adult Can Buy Legos;
Makes and Quakers;
The Lifestyle Paul Chooses to Live;
Crunchy Granola Company Does Crunchy Granola Things;
Puffin vs Penguin Bias;
Sportsball Charity Cereal Eating;

Plus: This is the first episode since launching our Patreon account! You can add your name to this space! Go to http://www.patreon.com/supercerealpodcast to find out how! Exclamation point!