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Super Cereal Podcast
40 min2017 FEB 21
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Episode 38 - Split Cereals


Paul and Nick divvy up split cereals, another Ralston gimmick from the 80s with two kinds of cereal in one box. How did we get here? What did it mean? When will it come back? Who are we? Topics include:

You Just Can't Lose;
What Does King Nicholas Choose Today?;
Nerds Dispersions;
Nerd Mascot Discussion;
It's a Cereal, Wow;
Well, Holo, Everyone;
The Five Christmas Presents You Meet in Heaven;
The (Super Mario) One;
Power Pad Glory;
Non-Cereal Robot Talk;
Available for Consulting (attn: General Mills);
Suggested Dual Cereals;
Cereal Nostradamus Makes Another Prediction;
The Straw-Spoon the World Deserves;
Freaking Steve;