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Super Cereal Podcast
42 min2017 MAR 20
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Episode 40 - Grandpa Cereals, Part 2 (All-Bran and Fibre-One)


Paul and Nick make their way through other Grandpa Cereals this week with All-Bran and Fibre-One. If you thought Grape Nuts had a lot of opportunity for scatalogical goofs, man, this one is wall-to-wall with the stuff. Warning for all those who aren't into poop jokes. Topics include:

Goat Hand;
We Don't Need Urban Horses;
Old Timey Bike Rescue;
Nick's Science Corner: Dietary Fiber;
Beeline for Your Bottom;
Fibre-One Split Cereal!;
Solving the Energy Crisis with Bran;
Gingerbread Outhouse;
Alternate All-Bran Uses;
Resurrecting Vine;
Island Boys;
Honorable Mention Grandpa Cereals;
Charmin x All-Bran;
The Most Disgusting Commercial of 2007