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Super Cereal Podcast
33 min2017 MAY 30
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Episode 41 - Engine 2 Rip's Big Bowl


Paul and Nick ennui their way through Rip's Big Bowl, the health food cereal from Whole Foods! Why don't you take the challenge and eat some today? We should share the pain! Topics Include:

A Rip Meet Cute;
Texture, Taste, and Exit;
The Most Bland Jazz;
Hoping for a Raisin;
Blandsome Shaming;
An Invitation for Mix-Ins;
Life is Too Beautiful to Waste;
Paul Gets Dark. Again;
Nick Suddenly Realizes He's Very Old. Again;
A Cereal-Themed Wedding;
That Engine 2 Life;
Mixed Cheese Grab Bag;
Halloween Kale Chips Cereal