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Warm Thoughts
2 min2020 JAN 27
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Episode 43: A Child's View of Retirement


Do you ever wonder what life in retirement is like? Listen to this comical poem on a child's interpretation of retirement after spending the holidays with his grandparents.
A dear friend who lives in the heartland of America shared with me some amusing thoughts given by a child upon his return home from spending the Christmas holidays with his grandparents in Arizona. 

A child's view of retirement and a mobile home park.

After Christmas break, the teacher asked her small pupils how they spent their holiday.

One little boys reply went like this:

We always spend Christmas with Grandpa and Grandma. They used to live up here in a big brick house. But grandpa got cold and they moved to Arizona. They live in a park with a lot of other old people. They all live in tin huts. They ride golf carts that are too big for me. They all go to a building they call The Rec Hall. It is fixed now. They all do exercises, but not very well. They play a game with big checkers and push them around on the floor with sticks.

There's a swimming pool, but I guess nobody teaches them. They just stand there in the water with their hats on. My grandma used to bake cookies for me, but nobody cooks there. They all go to restaurants that are fast and have discounts. When you come into the park, there is a doll house with a man sitting in it. He watches all day so they can't get out without him seeing them. I guess everybody forgets who they are because they all wear badges with their names on them. Some of them don’t hear very well. They could hear better if they took the button out of their ears. Grandma says grandpa worked hard all of his life to earn this mansion. I wish they would move back home but I guess the man in the doll house won't let them out.

Warm thought: Laugh a little. Laugh a little more. Blessings in this new year!

Warm Thoughts from the Little Home on the Prairie Over a Cup of Tea by Luetta G. Werner

January 30th 1997

Published in the Marion Record.

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