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So Here's The Idea With Shad Wicka (SHTI)
63 min2018 JUN 12
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Episode 5: Nah Gammin - Jay Wymarra


So Here's The Idea with Shad Wicka is now part of the CC Radio network!! Comedy, Pop Culture, Movies You name it, They have it! Check them outThis week's episode is with the very funny Jay Wymarra. Jay is one of the OG's of the now thriving Cairns comedy scene and has a very unique feature compared to other comedians who have been on the podcast. (I promised I would say it blatantly so you must listen) We chat about people being offended on behalf of others, the inspiration for jokes, the difference between slurs and banter aaaand we make to pretty funny sets! One on body image and the other about accents. Subscribe and review!! Jay is Indigenous Australian - Dammit I couldn't hold it in! Enjoy the episode!SocialsInsta: @talldarkfunny - FB: Jay Wymarra: Comedian, WriterInsta: @wickedshad - FB: Shad Wicka