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So Here's The Idea With Shad Wicka (SHTI)
58 min2018 JUN 19
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Episode 6: Helmet Kunstman - Andi Egan


The Stand-up Comedy Podcast where new material is born! Andi Egan is this week's guest, I met Andi when we both started performing stand-up comedy in Darwin and now she has followed me to Cairns like some kind of crazy sex hungry stalker! NO! She is now living in Cairns working in events and theatre plus getting back up on the comedy stage in a new town. We chat jokes, South American prison theatre, Kyle Sandilands gets a mention and testicles dragging on buttocks plus plenty more! As always two sets somehow see the light of day and you get to hear the results at the end of the ep! Enjoy, Subscribe, share and let me know what ya think!SocialsInsta: @andieganonstage - FB: Andi Egan (andieganonstage)Insta: @wickedshad - FB: Shad Wicka