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57 min2018 MAY 3
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Episode 61 – Angle of Attack with Chris Palmer


Chris Palmer is the host of the Aviatorcast Podcast, the Angle of Attack show, and isn’t your average flight instructor. Chris is on a mission to make better pilots. Whether it’s in the cockpit, on the ground, or on YouTube, Chris’s passion is to give new pilots the skills they need to fly safely and have fun. Join us as he shares in his love of flying and what bumps in the road he encountered along the way.Links Mentioned in the Angle of Attack EpisodeChris’s Website: aviatortraining.comGuide to the Sky Video Series: aviatortraining.com/guide-to-the-sky@angleofattack on Instagram: instagram.com/angleofattackAviatorCast Podcast: aviatorcast.comThe Angle of Attack Show: youtube.com/angleofattackThe Boeing vs. Airbus Episode: Episode 21 – Boeing vs Airbus