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The Arcanalife Podcast
45 min2020 NOV 9
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Episode 7- The Chakras and Archetypes - Part 4 Anahata (Heart Chakra)


Chakras are spinning wheels of light that are an integral part of our human energy body. Over the years the intersections of psychology, inner work and energy systems have shown us how each of these systems can help inform us of our own patterns of behavior and ways of expressing ourselves in the world. This (part 4 of 7) mini series explores the energetic archetypes that are often expressed and balanced/resolved through working with the heart chakra. The archetypes occupying opposite poles in the heart are Lover/Actor. This recording is a module from our comprehensive course o the chakras and is meant to provide prompting for personal exploration. The chakras are an ancient and integral part of the sacred system of Yoga.