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Realm & Ruin: A Warhammer Podcast
84 minJAN 23
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Episode 70: [REALM] Partying Primarchs


Welcome to Episode 70 - Tougher than a Carnosaur hide! Matt and Cameron discuss their latest hobby work, all the recent Warhammer news plus highlights from the community! Show Highlights:- After Russ, which Primarch is the best to party with? Death Guard updated!! More Hedonites of Slaanesh!! Seraphon enter the Underworlds Matt tries OBR on the tabletop! Cameron summons his forces of Nurgle! Community & Discord Hobby Highlights Plus more! Timestamps:- Discord Question - 05:15 Cameron's Hobby & Community Spotlight - 13:02 Episode Hobby Tip - 23:44 Matt's Hobby & Community Spotlight - 26:30 Discord Highlights - 40:24 News - 44:02 Episode recorded on the 16th January 2021. Hobby Community Spotlight Links:- Matt's Pick - Sneaking Mantis https://twitter.com/krakendoomcool/status/1350024478416363520?s=20 Cameron's Pick - The Silent Undead King https://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer40k/comments/kxicr2/thought_id_share_my_silent_king_conversion_all_cc/ General Links:- Support us via Ko-fi - https://www.ko-fi.com/realmandruin We Print Miniatures (Affliate link) - https://weprintminiatures.com/?aff=2 Follow us on Twitter - @RealmandRuin Follow us on Instagram - realm_and_ruin Our Website - www.realmandruin.com Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/xMrZdP3 Friends of the show Alchemists Workshops - https://alchemistsworkshops.com/ Breaks music produced by Jake Lionheart (Twitter - @Jake_Lionheart) Follow Matt on Twitter - @NinjaBadger7 Follow Cameron on Twitter - @night_twittenSupport Realm & Ruin: A Warhammer Podcast