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Realm & Ruin: A Warhammer Podcast
126 minMAR 26
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Episode 74: [REALM] Immortal Realms


Welcome to Episode 74 - Spirit Stones optional! Matt and Cameron discuss their latest hobby work, all the recent Warhammer news plus highlights from the community! Show Highlights:- Which armies would we like to collect that we haven't before? Be'lakor gets an upgrade!! Lumineth Realm-lords second wave!! Redemptionists return to the Underhive! Matt learns game design! Cameron paints a tank! Community & Discord Hobby Highlights Plus more! Timestamps:- Discord Question - 04:05 Cameron's Hobby & Community Spotlight - 14:36 Episode Hobby Tip - 34:40 Matt's Hobby & Community Spotlight - 36:12 Discord Highlights - 57:00 News - 01:00:42 Episode recorded on the 21st March 2021. Hobby Community Spotlight Links:- Matt's Pick - Gargant of War https://twitter.com/Brynston/status/1373355231711494150?s=19 Cameron's Pick - Flame on! https://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer/comments/m9htn1/insert_song_about_fire_here General Links:- Support us via Ko-fi - https://www.ko-fi.com/realmandruin We Print Miniatures (Affliate link) - https://weprintminiatures.com/?aff=2 Follow us on Twitter - @RealmandRuin Follow us on Instagram - realm_and_ruin Our Website - www.realmandruin.com Join our Discord - https://discord.gg/xMrZdP3 Friends of the show Alchemists Workshops - https://alchemistsworkshops.com/ Breaks music produced by Jake Lionheart (Twitter - @Jake_Lionheart) Follow Matt on Twitter - @NinjaBadger7 Follow Cameron on Twitter - @night_twittenSupport Realm & Ruin: A Warhammer Podcast