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Self Released Songs
31 min2020 APR 2
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Episode 9: Claire Morales


If you look across the globe at music, especially now in this trying time you're bound to find musicians creating in new and exciting ways. While we applaud the artists who are looking for inventive ways to earn income, we've been amazed at the creativity of Denton's Claire Morales. As a graphic artist, her work can be seen from her own albums to those on Sony Records. She's co-directed and story boarded every aspect of most of her music videos and she's lent those skills to other artists. As a cardboard sculptor, she's created some of the most elaborate art you can lay your eyes on. But as a musician she's not just linked to her own project under her name. She's written and recorded multiple releases with other artists and her songwriting in on another level. 
For her latest full length All That Wanting, she changed direction from her previous album and ushered in a throaty rock based energy that's unmatched in music today. In a live setting she's a force to be reckoned with and the emotional weight of her performances is felt by everyone in attendance. It's all creation. It's all from the heart to the recording booth. Creative is all that Claire Morales knows how to be.


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