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114 min2018 MAR 24
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Episode #9 - I Know This Much Is True


Rich Young joins the podcast to split a bottle of Green Spot Irish Whiskey and discuss I Know This Much Is True by Wally Lamb. Topics include: Mental illness, self-delusions, bullying, masculinity, denial.

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0:00:00 - Intro and super long summary of the book (Feel free to skip this part)
0:36:53 - Dominick’s fear of becoming mentally ill like his twin brother.
0:45:03 - Personal hero myths, living in your own movie, and The John Show
0:53:13 - The four-star General, and practicing for angry interactions.
0:58:14 - Grappling with early versions of yourself
1:03:42 - Violence and bullying
1:19:24 - Toxic Masculinity and manhood in the 21st century
1:32:04 - John tries to pour his whiskey without opening it
1:32:43 - Denial, hyperfocus, and hair loss
1:48:20 - St. Patrick's Day arrives and the best part of the drinking process