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29 minFEB 19
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Episode108 - How Courtney Lynne grew her dog influencer business using Instagram



How Courtney Lynne grew her dog influencer business using Instagram


Who doesn’t love a shaggy dog story? Certainly the followers of Hammy, Instagram star of this week’s podcast guest, Courtney Lynne, do! In fact, so popular were Courtney’s daily Instagram postings of her new pup, Hammy, that her Dogmomboss account grew 25,000 followers within the first year.


Courtney’s journey last year from school-teacher to full-time dog influencer is a phenomenal success story. It just shows what can happen when you find your niche and start connecting with your audience.


In today’s podcast, Courtney shares her story, from being Instagram-ignorant to Insta-star. She reveals how to create an Instagram account that people will want to follow, how to connect with and grow your audience and how to ultimately make money from your posts.


Courtney now makes a living advising and coaching fellow dog owners to grow their own businesses through their dogs. Whether you’re a pet owner or not, if you’re looking to create a super-successful Instagram account, there’s plenty of great advice to take away from today’s show…


Courtney’s Insta-tips:


  • Be more relatable – people want to see your authentic side
  • The riches are in the niches – why it pays to specialise
  • Become an expert – be recognised for something
  • Know your audience – never stop learning about your community
  • Make connections – start those conversations, build those relationships
  • Making money – find out what your audience wants and needs


If you’re inspired to find out more, you can follow Courtney and Hammy’s adventures @thedogmomboss

Or to learn more about how you can grow and market your own dog-influencer business, visit dogmomboss.com or join Courntey’s Facebook Group at Dogmombosses.

More about Courtney

Courtney Lynne, aka the Dog Mom Boss, helps ambitious dog moms create online communities and businesses inspired by their pups. As a first time dog mom, Courtney created an Instagram account for her puppy Hammy just for fun. After that account quickly grew to over 25k followers, she founded the Pet Influencer Society, the first and only membership community exclusively for pet influencers. Courtney is also the creator of the Dog Mom Bosses Facebook group community with over 3,000 group members where she teaches social media, monetizing, and business tips.


Where to find Courtney


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