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106 min2020 JUN 26
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Euth Radio 031 - Late May/Early June 2020


Back from an unintentional hiatus, it's Euth Radio with almost two hours of hot dance music released around the end of May, beginning of June. I'm back on track, and you'll be hearing the very finest new releases on a regular fortnightly basis once again, but in the meantime enjoy this slightly aged collection of new releases from the likes of Osunlade, James Bangura, AceMoMA, BASSBEAR!!,OSSX, Kanyon, King Britt, Leonce, and many more right here on Euth Radio.

VENDi - Noos
Lxury - Do This Forever
Osunlade - Auto Machine (Album Edit)
King Britt - Too Shay
Theus Mago - Softcore in my Hardcore (Fairmont Remix)
Horatio - Thursday 9PM
Franck Roger - Ohh Bass!
Athlete Whippet - Arrows
Dosem - It's All Relative
G-Prod - Daisy Lusion (Part 2)
Ana Helder - Short Cut
James Bangura - Bountiful Fruit
Leonce - Sunrise
Drew. - Entropy
AceMoMA - Dream Dancer
Helix - DJ Vague Presents Zaida
Elkka - Every Body Is Welcome (Violet's It's a Gay Club Remix)
BASSBEAR!! - Heard Voices Today
Cyberdine Systems Corp. - Funktion Generator (Perko & Solid Blake Remix)
Perm - Duom Scholm
Sugar - Keep the Wounds Clean
Locked Club - Memphis Mumbai Tool
Nahash - The Horns feat. Osheyack
OSSX - Dis Vegan Shit Easy
Machine Woman - last days of the Montreal's summer you spoke softly 183
Kanyon - Systems Blur
Metrist - VV Squi
Pugilist & Tamen - Guidance
Refraq - Plucked from the Pixie Ring
AMEN the Producer - Blinded by the Light