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Me & Paranormal You with Ryan Singer
67 minFEB 12
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Experience 343 - Winslow Dumaine, Creator of The Tarot Restless, Illustrator & Comedian


Winslow Dumaine joins me to discuss the fundraising campaign for the incredible and damn gorgeous tarot deck The Tarot Restless. All the stretch goals have already been met, so get in there and get all the great stuff you can by contributing this beautiful creation in its 3rd Edition. Winslow and I discuss the creation process and what it means to keep pushing while we try to become who we are by simply doing whatever weird thing we do. I think you'll enjoy the candid chat and you can check the Kickstarter here:  https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/winslowdumaine/the-tarot-restless-third-edition

Be one of the 1st 23 people to follow, like, and DM @Psyckd on Instagram and you can get the discount on buying the game! Offer valid until 3/13!


Thanks to the patrons and everyone who listens! Much love to you and hang in there - Ryan @RySing @crystaleyesapp


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