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30 min2017 DEC 12
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EyeOnLP Proposition 47 Panel Discussion Sponsored by ALTO


In November of 2014 California voters passed an historic measure that was intended to reduce crowding in the state’s overwhelmed prisons, save money, and reduce punishments for more than 1 million non-violent criminal offenders. The new law, known as Proposition 47, is saving the state prison system tens of millions of dollars, according to state estimates. By recategorizing certain non-violent offenses such as drug and property offenses as misdemeanors rather than felonies—as they had previously been categorized—the new law also affects future convictions and allows for people currently incarcerated for crimes covered to petition for re-sentencing.In this edition of LP Magazine’s EyeOnLP Podcast, we explore Proposition 47 and the impact that this legislation has had on organized retail crime as well as the community in general. We’ve brought in a number of subject matter experts to discuss the topic with us, all of whom have been intimately involved in managing the interests of retailers and the community in general in the aftermath of this legislation. Please join us as we discuss this critically important topic and the legislative steps currently being proposed to correct this situation for the benefit of all.