Salty Language
1h 58min2022 APR 20
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This week, We talk life, Easter, Thor Love And Thunder trailer, Moon Knight, moving, PBR keg hunt, sick dolphin killed by people trying to ride it, man has ears removed to celebrate end of mask mandates, THE QoftheW, and more! Salty Merch: Our Links: 1. Thor: Love And Thunder trailer 2. People kill sick dolphin by riding it 3. Man has ears removed to celebrate end of mask mandate 4. PBR keg hunt QoftheW: If your pet could text you what would they send? Subscribe / rate / review us on Apple Podcasts! Visit us at: Apple Podcasts: Spotify: iHeart Radio: Google Play Music: @salty_language / / Instagram: SaltyLanguage Reddit: r/saltylanguage Stitcher: Share with your friends!

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