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The Mom Hour
40 minMAR 25
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Family Travel, Part 2: Life On The Road…With A TODDLER? (What All Families Can Learn From Full-Time RV Living)


Have you ever dreamed of taking your family on the road? It’s tempting–especially with the changes to work and school many families have experienced this past year. Chelsey Christiansen is a full-time working mom, and she and her husband and toddler son currently work and travel full-time out of their fifth-wheel camper. In today’s episode, Part Two in our three-part series on family travel, Meagan and Sarah chat with Chelsey to find out what road-living is like with a toddler, what they’ve learned about sharing a small space with a growing family, and how learning to roll with the punches of family travel have helped her become a more confident mom in general.

This episode is part of our 3-part series Travel Stories To Inspire Your Next Family Adventure (Whenever The Time Comes). Listen to the whole series from this page.

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